1/48 Scale T-33 Silver Stars by Colin Kunkel

Leading Edge Models decal sets and Academy model kit.

The T-Birds are the Hobbycraft/Academy kits. The Silver 414 Sqn bird was painted with Tamiya Chrome Silver and Gunze Gloss Red was used for the red areas. Gloss coat was again Future. The ECM pod and the chaff pod on the a/c were scrtach-built. The grey 417 T-Bird was painted with Gunze grey and built right out-of-box. True Details T-33 ejection seats were added to the kit. Clear coat was Future for applying the decals and then a 50/50 mix of Gunze Gloss and Flat Clear was used to get the semi-gloss look on the aircraft. For both T-Birds, stretched sprue was used for all of the anti-collision lights. Microsol was used on some of the decals as well.

Photos by Vern Gwin